Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Holiday Feet

Holiday feet are happy. Enjoying the warm sun and water. Just floating. Slowly walking around. Small and big feet taking care of each other.

My girl, the shell seeker and a curious lovely turtle as a late afternoon visitor.

Holiday feet in chocolate cake shoes, lying lazy and relaxed on a Turkish oriental sofa. (As a big pillow lover I seriously was thinking of packing this one in my suitcase).´s nice to be back home again (I have to say this although my heart is saying something else). Hope everyone is feeling well!


  1. ;-) Samat sanat, Sofia. Yritän todistella itselleni, että oli ihanaa tulla takaisin kotiin... Vaikka meidän loma olikin sateinen, silti.

  2. I have learned that you need your soul to have the time to reach a place. Whenever I travel I am present but my soul is still lingering somewhere. And sometimes it takes longer, especially after a lovely holiday!

  3. Munkin jalat oisivat tosi onnelliset tuolla lämmössä :) Sulla on noi kuvat taas ihan älyttömän hienoja. Miten saat niistä aina niin aurinkoisia ja raikkaita, onko sulla joku hc-kamera tms. Itsekin harkitsen järkkärin ostoa ja kaikki suositukset on tervetulleita.

  4. Halloj gumman!
    Hoppas du / ni hade en trevlig resa.
    Vilka fina bilder du tagit :)
    ha en skön fortsättning på dagen
    Kram kram Erica


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