Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ausverkauf, Sale or whatever!

It wasn´t my intention to go in there!! Where? To the shopping mall. In fact I don´t like SALE, although I have to admit it´s a fantastic feeling when you find something you really like and in your size (which is seldom the case) and 50% or more off the price. This time I didn´t look for something for myself, only for my sweet mice. Because all of us in this family love comfortable, good looking home wear, I was quite happy to pay for all these things from Zara Kids around 40 euro!

For my big boy mouse, two shirts and soft pants.
For the girl mouse, rosa shirt and grey soft pants.

We all know that shopping is the best remedy if you are feeling down or sad, like chocolate cake and a glass of cold milk, say what you want! Or is it just a woman thing? What have you been shopping lately? Share your secrets!

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