Sunday, January 22, 2012

This is Austria: Cafe Sacher

Beautifully served on a silver tray. Classy.

Today at home with Sofia we start a new label called "This is Austria", where I show you Austria bit by bit. Let us start today with the sweet side of Austria.

For more than ten years ago Innsbruck got its own Cafe Sacher. A touch of Vienna on the other side of Austria. Located in the old town, next to Hofburg. Everyone knows the world famous chocolate cake which you can also buy as a gift or as "take away" in wooden boxes in different sizes (and prices!). Coffee is good. Sacher cake, well it´s excellent. Other pastry like Topfenstrudel or Apfelstrudel I wouldn´t recommend. Drinks are also served and meals during lunch time.

Celebrities from ancient times.
The typical Sacher colour, wine red.
Always with Schlagobers, bitte!

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  1. Sacher cake is one of my absolute favorite desserts! I have been to Austria several times, but so far not been able to visit a Cafe Sacher. Will definitely do that in the future. In the mean while a cake in a lovely wooden box would be a nice surprise ...!


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